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I purchased full version, why there is still ads?

I purchased full version from iPhone, how to enable full version on iPad, or vice versa ?

How to re-enable full version after delete/re-install ?

If you still see ads after upgrade to full version. You can go to Home &grt; Store page, and touch the "Restore Transaction" button. You can do the same to enable full version cross iOS devices, or after delete/re-install

Where is my data stored?

Your watch-lists, portfolio data and news subscription are stored on your device. Alerts are stored at our server.

What data is collected?

Alerts and device token are collected and stored at our server if you use the alert service. Third-party ad framework may collect your udid and device type/model for analytics.

How to re-order my watch lists, symbols, portfolios etc.?

Touch the edit button and drag the re-order icon on the right of the list to re-order your list manually. You may do this on watch list, symbol list, portfolio list, news subscription list. Transaction history and alerts can not be sorted.

How to delete list items (symbol, alert, transaction log, portfolio etc)?

Touch the edit button and touch the delete icon to delete. If there is no edit button, you can always swipe on the item to be deleted and delete button will show up.

How to refresh quotes?

It is stream live data, no manual refresh needed. There is a little green/red icon on the right-bottom corner of the screen which indicates stream on/off.

How to add holdings to portfolio?

Touch the 'add trade' button on stock detail page to add transaction. Your positions, cash, and profit/loss will be updated automatically. *Note: Transaction log can be deleted, but your positions, cash won't be impacted.

How to revise holdings?

In case you enter your transaction in wrong, you may delete the stock from you portfolio, and add transaction again.

Is short position supported?

Yes, simply add sell transactions, the system will recognize short sell and track your profit/loss.

How to sync data cross devices?

There are two methods to sync data between devices.

Use iCloud backup/restore

Backup data from one device and restore the backup data from the other device.

How to backup & restore data?

You need to setup your iCloud account properly on your device before using this feature. Go to setting->backup/restore with iCloud. You will see a list of existing backups if available. Touch the 'Back up' button to do backup. Touch tbe backup from the list to restore previous data.

Why the alert does not have sound?

Check your device's setting>Notifications> In notification center, and make sure the sound option is on for StockTrack app. Please advised that you will only see a popup alert if the app is opened, sound will not play when alert come in and the app is opened.

How to setup passcode protection for my portfolio

Go to setting page to enable the passcode feature. You may enter a passcode hint as well. The hint is the ONLY way may help you to recall the passcode in case you forgot it.

How to restore in-app purchase between devices?

If you purchased alert or any other feature on your iPhone, you can restore the purchase on your iPad by going to the 'WatchList' tab on your iPad, touch 'Store', and touch 'Restore Transaction' button. If you deleted the app and re-install the app, you can restore your purchase the same way.

How to add option to watchlist/portfolio?

On stock detail page, touch the option button, select the options your are instrested and touch the back button to go the watch list. The options selected will be added to your watchlist. Go to the option detail page ,touch the add trade button, you can add option to your portfoio.

How to fix negative cash value?

When you add long/short transaction, your cost will be always deduct/deposit to your cash account, and your cash could be negative and may not be what your desired, you can touch the edit button and edit the cash value in your portfolio account.

What is PaperTrade?

PaperTrade allow you to trade US stocks and ETF with virtual fund in a like-real market. You can play as guest or login with Facebook account. 100K virtual fund is deposit to your account at the first time login. Both long and short are supported.

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